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The reconstruction of the process of making ceramic vessels in the prehistory of Gran Canaria is the central theme of this room. It is a ceramic made by hand using the technique of “roll modeling”, consisting in the making of a base to which clay rolls overlap until reaching the desired height, modeling the piece with the hands. Once the pottery was raised, the stripping was carried out and a smoothing or spatulated of the walls was carried out to standardize their surfaces. In Gran Canaria a fairly common treatment was that of burnishing, especially in painted ceramics. In some cases, decoration was applied using paints or other techniques such as incision. Finally, the containers were subjected to the action of fire for cooking.

The chronicles of the conquest and subsequent stories agree that it was the women who were in charge of its elaboration, being able to speak in this sense of a social division of this work based on gender.

The exhibition is complemented by a selection of the most representative pieces of each of the islands of the archipelago, in order to appreciate the differences and similarities, both in form and decoration, of the pre-Hispanic vessels of the islands.