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The Canary Islands Museum may be members of the Scientific Society, as well as legal persons who, in the opinion of the Governing Board, are worthy of membership of the association.

It may also be linked to natural persons under the age of persons who are endorsed by those who hold parental authority or guardianship on them. These partners shall enjoy all rights and duties arising from the status of associates, except the right to vote and the right to hold positions in the governing bodies, which they will obtain when they reach the age of majority.

The Scientific Society is composed of number partners and honor partners.

Number partners

Requirements and form of admission

To join the Scientific Society The Canary Museum will require the following requirements:

  • Have the firm will to support the association scientifically or economically and to lend itself to collaborating on its projects and activities.
  • Request in writing admission to the Governing Board, providing the personal data that is demanded of it.
  • Accompany, where appropriate, a copy of his scientific, literary or artistic works and works published or made
  • Obtain approval from the Governing Board.

Quota modalities

The number members of The Canary Museum may benefit from one of the following quota modalities:

  • Youth Number Partners ……………………….. $50 a year
  • Base Number Partners………………………… $100 a year
  • Support Number Partners………………………. $200 a year
  • Protective Number Partners…………………… $400 a year
  • Sponsor number partners….…………… 800 euros per year at least

Membership fees are charged, upon direct debit, by issuing in each financial year two half-monthly receipts, for half their amount.

Legal persons holding the status of a number partner are not entitled to the base quota modality.

Partner Rights.

They include, among others:

  • Attend meetings of the General Meeting with a voice and a vote
  • To be informed of the management of the association, to examine the records of partners, minutes and accounting at the registered office, on the date and time indicated by the Governing Board and in the presence of at least one member of the Governing Board.
  • Be candidates for positions of the Governing Board and exercise it if elected.
  • Express verbally or in writing as many opinions or proposed proposals as they deem appropriate for the interests and purposes of the association.
  • Participate in all acts organized by the Scientific Society and have free access to its units, without any limitations other than those reasonably established by the Governing Board.
  • Get free periodicals edited by the association.
  • Enjoy a 25 per 100 reduction in the price of publications or other articles promoted by the association.

Partner duties

They include, among others:

  • Comply with the statutes and regulations, as well as the agreements adopted.
  • Pay the fees on time and spill.
  • To ensure the prestige of the Scientific Society The Canary Museum and to collaborate in its good work.
  • Accept and perform loyally the management positions for which, if applicable, they are elected.

Youth number partners

This modality may be eligible for members of the number under the age of twenty-five until they reach this age.

Number members with graduates

Whatever their quota modality, the members of number natural persons may hold the diploma badge, upon acceptance by the Governing Board.

This condition is acquired by giving a lecture or dictating a lesson on some topic of the partner's specialty, or by holding an exhibition or recital.

Honor partners

The association of number natural persons may be named honorary partners of the Scientific Society who, distinguished in an eminent way in the sciences, letters or the arts, have provided relevant services to the culture or the Museum itself.

Honor partners will have the same rights and duties as number members, although they will receive a diploma accrediting their appointment.

They may take a pre-eminent place in the association's public events.