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Collections of archaeology of Gran Canaria


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Inventory: 260
Object: Jar or jarGen
er generic classification: Cera
micsMatter: Clay. Almagr
e.Technical: Roll-modeled. Smoothed. Painted. Brushin
g.Dimensions: Height, 31.4 cm; Max diameter, 27.1
cm Cultural field: Prehistory of Gran Canari
aDescription: Composite form (ovoid trend more hyperbolic) with bridge handle. It presents as finishing techniques: smoothing for the interior and burnishing for the outside. As decorative: red paint that covers the lip and extends partially through the mouth, neck, belly and handle. It reserves vertical parallel straight lines and vertical rectangles on the outer surface of the mouth and neck. In the belly it draws two circumferences, two circles with radial lines and a circumference with radial lines and reserve inside. In the handle it also traces two opposite and distanced triangles, one with the vertex in contact with the lip and the other with the vertex directed towards the base, and two straight horizontal lines transverse to the plane of the triangles and located at the average height of the sam
e. Use/function: Container intended for storage and/or container of liquids or substances. Its finish and decoration in the belly, interpreted by many as a solar eclipse, links this piece to rites and ceremonies.
With regard to the bridge handle, the firmness of this type harmonizes with the piece as it is an object of a certain weight, 4,055 gr, and considerable volume capacity, 9,200 cm3 or 9.2 l. During the useful cycle of the container this apprehension element would fulfill its clamping function allowing the fingers to pass, although for the pouring of the contents the palm of the other hand should possibly be used on the
belly. Origin: Agaimes, Gran Cana
ria.Date of entry: Prior to 1930

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