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The Canary Museum Magazine

The magazine El Museo Canario was created in 1880, following the foundation of the Society, starting at that moment the first stage of its existence. Since then the evolution of the editorial body of El Museo has gone through various phases:

(a) First Stage (1880-1882): The magazine came to light without interruption for two years, but the shortage of economic means available for publication was the cause that forced the leaders of The Museum to suspend its publication in 1882.

(b) Second stage (1899-1905): After overcoming the aforementioned difficulties, the magazine reappeared in 1899, thus beginning the second stage of publication, which lasted until 1905, when new financial difficulties resulted in the abolition of the editorial initiative…

c) Third Stage (1933-1936): The edition of the magazine was resumed in 1933, under the direction of Agustín Millares Carlo. Despite the funding offered by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, causes of force majeure again forced the cessation of publication in 1936.

d) The fourth stage (from 1944), began in 1944, under the direction of Eduardo Benítez Inglott, extending to the present moment that, on an annual basis, is directed by Manuel Lobo Cabrera.

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