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Fine arts

Art collection

The artistic collection preserved in the Scientific Society The Canary Museum has its origins in donations made from the moment of its foundation by its partners and supporters. In this stage, works by Manuel Ponce de León and Falcón or Manuel González Méndez entered, among others. However, this artistic heritage was significantly increased from the 1940s following the opening of the function hall, a space also used as a temporary exhibition hall. In this room presented his works the most outstanding contemporary Canarian artists–José Dámaso, Rafael Monzón, Manuel Millares, Elías Marrero, Yolanda Graziani, etc. – usually passing one of the works on display to be part of the catalog of artistic heritage of the institution. In this way, a collection has been set up that currently consists of more than 725 pieces including 288 pictorial works, 312 engravings, 109 drawings and 16 sculptures.

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