Ceramic technology

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Foto de la Sala 9 - La tecnología cerámica

This room's main theme is the reconstruction of the process followed by the prehistoric Canarians in the making of ceramic ware. It was handcrafted pottery that made use of the coiling   technique: coils of rolled clay were stacked onto a base up to the desired height, and  the piece was then modelled and smoothened by hand or with a spatula. In Gran Canaria the pieces were often burnished, especially in the case of the painted ware.   Decoration was either by direct painting or through other techniques such as incisions. The pieces were finally fired.

The chronicles both at the time of the conquest and later coincide in pointing out that it was the women who were in charge of pottery making, so it is possible to speak of a gender-based division of labour in this case.

There is a complementary display of a selection of pieces from each of the other islands, with the aim of showing the differences and similarities among prehispanic vessels both in terms of shape and decoration.

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