Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition on display at the Canarian Museum is monographic in character: it is devoted solely to the aboriginal population of Gran Canaria, the canarios. The exhibition attempts to explain to visitors the way of life of this human group of berber origin who inhabited the islands from the second half of the first millennium BC to the 15th century, when the conquest and colonization by the Crown of Castile took place. The organization of their settlements, their economic activity and funerary practices are some of the aspects that visitors to the Museum will discover in the 11 rooms the exhibition is divided into.


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  1. The habitat(more)
  2. Lithic technology(more)
  3. Economic activity and natural resources(more)
  4. The magic world of religion and social organization(more)
  5. Items manufactured from animal skins and vegetable fibres(more)
  6. The treatment of the corpse(more)
  7. Physical anthropology(more)
  8. Paleopathology and funeral rites(more)
  9. Ceramic technology(more)
  10. Gran Canarian aboriginal ceramics(more)
  11. Temporary exhibition(more)

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