Piece and document of the month

The programme ‘Piece of the month’ (Pieza del mes) of 2017 covers the topic of death. Through the prehispanic archaeological register and different documental pieces kept by El Museo Canario, we can observe an approach on how the past societies (both aboriginal and historical) understood and faced the end of life. In spite of the universality of this event, the meanings, rituals, signs and symbology enclosed in death differ among societies. Thus, the conceptualisation of death becomes a cultural and socially mediated event. In this regard, approaching to death means approaching to the determined ways of living of a society.

Furthermore, we intend to associate to this theme a part of the research programme presently carried out by El Museo Canario. In this way, the piece of the month represents a means to spread the heritage richness of this entity as well as the results of the studies on the indigenous society of Gran Canaria.

momia    Documento del mes (febrero 2017)
    (Libro primero de relajados PDF 3.385 Kb)

momia    Pieza del mes (enero 2017)
    (Momia registro 5 PDF 2.545 Kb)

piezas y documentos anteriores

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