Archeological Collection of Gran Canaria

The archeological collection is made up of material remains belonging to the prehistoric and historic population of Gran Canaria. The collection includes some items from other islands of the Canarian Archipelago.

The origin of this collection dates from 1879, when the Canarian Museum was founded, and it is still growing thanks to the items left to the Museum on deposit by private individuals and by the public institutions responsible for granting digging permits (Government of the Canary Islands and Cabildo -local government- of Gran Canaria).

The collection comprises an innumerable quantity of both complete and fragmentary objects,  which make it the largest archeological collection in the archipelago. It is thus a fundamental reference in the study of prehispanic society in Gran Canaria, and a collection of paramount importance for the Museum.

The most notable items in the collection are the ceramic vessels, idols, pintaderas or seals, vegetable fibre and animal skin objects, lithic, bone and wooden implements and anthropological remains.

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